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25 June 2008 @ 07:08 am
Fic: No Matter of Chance (Heroes/Battlestar Galactica)  
Fandoms: Heroes and Battlestar Galactica
Pairing: Gaeta/Starbuck/Mohinder/Nathan
Rating: NC-17
Word Count: 6,800
Spoilers: None for Heroes; mild third season for BSG.
Summary: “But I also have booze, and a king size bed, and plenty of room for a couple more players," says Kara. "So, whaddya think?”

- - -

Felix isn’t really sure what he’s doing here.

He takes a sip of the drink – not ambrosia, but it tastes pretty close – and scans the bar, again. It all feels familiar, disturbingly familiar. He’s seen dozens of bars just like this, on planets back in the Colonies. The idea that human culture can evolve the same way, on worlds light-years apart –


Felix turns too fast, startled, and hits his drink with his elbow. The stranger, the one who greeted him, catches it just before it goes over the edge of the counter, and gives a rueful laugh.

“Sorry,” he says. “Didn’t mean to scare you.”

Felix bites his lip, hiding a smile. “Sorry,” he returns, “I didn’t mean to nearly spill a drink on you.” The man is handsome – strong features, piercing eyes, and Felix is a little attracted, despite himself.

“Nathan Petrelli,” the man greets, offering a hand.

“Felix Gaeta,” returns Felix. He expects the handshake to be strong, and it is – firm, dominating, but not aggressive.

Felix can feel a flush start low in his stomach; Nathan glances over his body, in something that’s not quite appraisal – somehow, the way Nathan looks at him seems to acknowledge physical attraction, but imply that the physical attraction is only secondary to a more intangible quality of beauty. It makes Nathan’s glance seem less like a judgment and more like – more like a compliment.

Felix turns away, drains the last of his drink, regaining his composure.

“I know,” says Nathan, and it takes Felix a moment to register what he means.

“I’m sorry?” he asks.

“I’m a Congressman,” explains Nathan. “From New York.”

Of course. They were introduced before Congress – the law-making body of this country. Felix remembers. “New York?” Felix asks, for the sake of conversation.

“Up north,” says Nathan. “Can I buy you a drink?”

Felix rolls the empty glass between his fingers. “Sure,” and he raises his eyes to meet Nathan’s.

- - -

Further down the bar, Mohinder Suresh stares listlessly into the middle distance.

He doesn’t frequent these kinds of places; can’t even remember the last time he had an alcoholic drink, but he felt himself pulled here.

The Colonials. God, they’re fascinating.

That an entire world could have evolved, parallel and nearly identical to our own… it’s like Star Trek come to life. Like… like they should be walking around dressed in togas, or wearing Nazi uniforms or something. Something unreal.

But they aren’t. They look just like everyone else. Identical, in fact.

But how identical? The scientist in him is anxious to find out. He sips his gin and tonic, brow creased as he speculates.

“Now that’s a shame,” a rough female voice breaks him out of his thoughts, and he finds himself inches away from a smirking blonde.

“What is?” he asks, a little unnerved. She’s leaning against the bar, weight on her elbows, with a drink in one hand and an unlit cigar in the other; and she’s managing to look completely casual and absolutely predatory at the same time.

Funny. He’s only known one other person who could do that.

“That a face that pretty should be looking so worried.” She shoots the rest of her drink and slams the empty glass down on the bar. “One more,” she tells the bartender, “Jack on the rocks.” The drink arrives and she raises it towards Mohinder in a toast. “It’s not ambrosia, but it works. Cheers, gorgeous.”

He lifts his glass halfheartedly, unsure whether to laugh or run screaming. He settles for a smile and a cutting remark. “I’m sorry, do I know you?”

She puts down her drink, and leans in close. “Not yet,” she grins, “But you will.” She wipes her hand off on the leg of her pants and holds it out in greeting. “Kara Thrace.”

He takes it. “Doctor Mohinder Suresh. You’re from the Colonies?”

“Last time I checked,” she laughs, “What’s it to you, Suresh?”

I’d love to study you, maybe take a DNA sample and analyze it for distinguishing characteristics, compare it to my own, perhaps? No, that’s ridiculous.

She’d probably think it was foreplay.

...oh, god, she probably would think it was foreplay. In fact, it’s entirely likely that foreplay would not only be her interpretation, but her intention.

Mohinder allows himself a brief moment of irritation. He’s a scientist, he has no time for this kind of pursuit –

On the other hand, it could be his opportunity to work more closely with the Colonials. To find the differences he’s so anxious to analyze.

“So,” Mohinder says, tilting his head up towards Kara Thrace, “what brings you to this bar?”

Kara turns in her seat, leaning back against the bar. “Right now, baby,” she says, “it’s all you.”

- - -

“So, what did you do for the Colonial Fleet?” asks Nathan, casually, sliding Felix the fresh drink.

Felix takes it, lets the glass rest against his palm, without drinking. “Navigation, mostly,” he says, “though I was the aide to the President of the Colonies for a while.”

“Really,” says Nathan. “How did that go?”

“Badly,” Felix tells him.

“So,” drawls Nathan, “how do you feel about politicians?”

“I haven’t had the best experiences,” considers Felix, and he looks up. “But I could be convinced.”


“Really,” and Felix half-smiles. Nathan is closer, now, his hand on Felix’s leg, and Felix feels reckless, warm from the alcohol, relaxed, riding a low thrum of arousal. Nathan probably isn’t honest, probably isn’t completely trustworthy, but he’s direct, and he wants Felix. Felix trusts, if not in Nathan’s complete purity of motive, then in a lack of outright manipulation.

“I’ll have you know, I can be quite persuasive,” Nathan murmurs, in Felix’s ear, and Felix feels a flush rise to his face. His breath comes short, all of the sudden, and he feels a little thrill ride up his center.

He’ll wait, for Nathan to ask – but when Nathan asks, Felix will say yes.

- - -

Mohinder can’t help but feel like Kara is undressing him with her eyes.

She is, of course. And she’s not being subtle about it. Under normal circumstances, such an intent gaze might make him feel profoundly uncomfortable.

Maybe it’s the gin, but he’s almost enjoying it this time.

The ice clinks in his empty glass as he puts it down. He leans back against the bar, stretching his arms languidly over his head. Might as well give her a good show.

“Ready to call it a night, Suresh?” she purrs, and the sly set of her mouth suggests that sleeping is the last thing on her mind.

And maybe he’s not willing to go all that far, but it would be quite beneficial to have some… one on one time with her. For the sake of research, and all that.

“I think so,” he says matter-of-factly, sliding off the bar stool and stepping away in one fluid movement. “Nice to meet you, Kara.”

“Oh no, no you don’t,” she chuckles, grabbing his wrist and pulling him back against her. “You are coming home with me.”

Mohinder smiles, one eyebrow raised in a challenge. “Well, if you insist.”

She practically pulls him towards the door. “Let’s go.”

- - -

“Do you want to go somewhere a little more… private?”

Nathan’s voice is a deep rumble, and it sets Felix’s nerves on fire. Their lips are just an inch apart, and if he moved the slightest bit forward…

Not yet.

“I’d love to,” he breathes, relishing the way Nathan’s lips curl up in a confident smirk.

The outside air is a little cool; Felix inhales, relishing the bite of the colder temperatures. Climate-controlled Galactica never had any variety in the weather, and he missed it. It doesn’t evoke New Caprica for him – not any longer.

The entrance to the bar is in an alley, off the main street. Nathan pauses, just outside the door, his hand on Felix’s waist. His eyes flick to Felix’s lips.

Felix looks down, a little coy. Takes a step closer to Nathan. “Where are we going?” he asks.

Nathan slides his hand onto the side of Felix’s neck, tracing the line of Felix’s jaw with his thumb. “Hotel room,” he says. “Somewhere we can be alone.”

Felix’s breath comes short; he leans into the touch, just barely, letting his lips fall open. Nathan’s hand tightens.

Felix inhales a little, in anticipation, and he’s not disappointed. Nathan’s mouth impacts with his, in a rough kiss, a dominating kiss. Felix pushes back, nipping Nathan’s lip, and Nathan presses him into the smooth brick wall, his body flush against Felix’s. Felix moans, softly, swallowed into the press of Nathan’s mouth, his tongue slipping along Nathan’s.


Felix breaks away, turns towards the source of the amazingly badly-timed interruption.

And stops short, the sardonic response dying unvoiced in his throat. “Starbuck?” he asks, in disbelief.

- - -

Kara laughs, a delighted, incredulous noise, and looks from the stranger to Nathan Petrelli. “Way to go, Felix.” She crosses her arms. “He’s quite the hunk.”

“Hello, Mohinder,” says Nathan, stepping back from the stranger – Felix? – who stays leaning back against the wall, as though to defy Kara’s presence.

Mohinder forces a smile. “Nathan.”

“You two know each other?” asks Kara.

“Yeah, that’s fair to say.” Nathan glances towards the mouth of the alley, and then to Felix. “Come on, Felix, let’s get out of here.”

“No, no, wait,” says Kara. “You two know each other, we know each other, this is like destiny.”

“Okay, so it’s like destiny,” says Nathan. “So what?”

“So,” says Kara, “you should all come up to my hotel room,” and she indicates the hotel, right across the street, “for some real ambrosia.”

Mohinder’s glances towards the recently ravished young man against the wall. Felix, was it? His gaze flicks downward ever so briefly, distracted by the man’s full, kiss-bruised lips, before making eye contact.

The look they exchange is complex, but seems to convey that one of them should express some opposition to this idea.

“Wait a minute, lady,” Nathan cuts in, thankfully. “I dunno who you think you are, but we’ve already got plans.” He reaches in and takes Felix’s hand, intending to pull him away, but Kara stops him with a hand on his chest.

“Oh, I think I know what your plans are, stud. I’ve got some of my own.” She smiles back at Mohinder, who is edging towards Felix in a subconscious show of solidarity.

“But I also have booze, and a king size bed, and plenty of room for a couple more players. So whaddya think?”

It could be worse, really, Mohinder thinks. There’s no reason not to go along with it. History or not, Nathan’s certainly an attractive man. And Felix…

He considers Felix again, and the man seems uncertain. Those lips are still slightly parted, breath coming a little fast, and yes, it could really be a lot worse.

This way he can study two of them at once.

Kara grins, noticing the way he’s staring. “Looks like the doctor is in,” she laughs.

Felix looks up at that and his eyes meet Mohinder’s once again. It’s softer this time, less panic and more curiosity, and underneath it an edge of something that sends sparks down Mohinder’s spine.

“Nathan?” Kara smiles. “You in?”

Nathan straightens his back, trying to reassert his authority with his posture. As much as he would love to get Felix alone as soon as possible, and figure out all the different ways he could make the man scream… The girl’s way has its merits.

“All right,” he concedes, “We’ll go for a little while.” He strokes the back of Felix’s hand possessively with his thumb, and Mohinder shivers at the answering look of lust in Felix’s eyes.

Can’t help but wonder what it would feel like to have that gaze trained on him; to be the cause of it.

Can’t really wait to find out.

“So, come on then!” Kara taunts, taking Mohinder’s hand again and pulling him away. “The sooner we get there, the sooner the fun begins.”

- - -

Nathan leans back in to Felix, running gentle fingers through his dark curls. “We don’t have to, if you don’t want to.”

“No,” says Felix, and he presses a kiss to Nathan’s mouth – a kiss that turns unexpectedly long, unexpectedly deep, and when Felix pulls away, he shakes his head. “It could be fun,” and the corner of his mouth quirks into a smile.

Nathan turns – and Mohinder is watching them, paused in mid-step, his eyes wide, dark.

“Could be,” murmurs Nathan.

- - -

Kara sprawls back into the chair, biting off the top of the ambrosia bottle, splashing some of the brightly colored liquid into a hotel mug. “Who first?” she asks, offering it up.

Felix takes it, swirls it, sniffs. “How do you possibly still have this stuff?”

Kara reclines, her hands behind her head. “I have my sources.”

Felix looks to Nathan. “Do you want to try it?”

Nathan declines, leaning back against the wall, and Felix holds it out to Mohinder. Mohinder hesitates, and Felix suppresses a smile. “It’s okay,” he says. “It’s good, I promise.”

Mohinder takes the drink; his fingers brush against Felix’s, briefly, and Felix’s breath catches, deep in his throat. He steps back, too quickly.

“You nervous, Felix?” asks Kara.

“What’s there to be nervous about?” asks Felix, raising his chin.

Kara shrugs.

Mohinder coughs, into the alcohol, and blinks. “Wow,” he murmurs.

Kara leers. “I think he likes it.”

Felix’s eyes are caught, then, by Mohinder’s – Mohinder is paying attention, really paying attention, and Felix can’t shake he feeling that he’s being observed, studied – but that, at the same time, Mohinder aches to touch, to experiment.

Felix takes the second glass of ambrosia from Kara, and takes a mouthful, not swallowing. Painfully aware of Mohinder and Kara, he steps forward, slides a hand onto Nathan’s neck, and kisses him. Nathan is startled, at first, but then his arms uncross, one hand buried in Felix’s hair, and Nathan’s lip part, the ambrosia spilling from Felix’s mouth to his. Nathan spins them, shoving Felix back into the wall, and tongues Felix’s mouth open, exploring, subduing Felix’s resistance and drawing him out, bit by bit, until Felix can’t breathe, can’t fight, only try to hold on.

Mohinder watches, can’t help but watch, as the two men writhe against one another; Nathan completely possessing Felix with every hot slide of lips against lips, every nibble of teeth, every deep tangling of tongues that pulls such delicious helpless noises out of the trapped man.

He’s staring openly, glass forgotten in his hand, and so he is completely surprised when legs straddle his own and Kara slides into his lap, one hand already buried possessively in his hair.

“Wanna do more than just watch?” she teases, pulling his head back and forcing his eyes away. Before he can answer, she’s captured his mouth with her own, kissing him in the same harsh way that Nathan is kissing Felix. The familiarity of the rhythm makes his head spin and his heart beat faster, in a way that has nothing to do with the alcohol. He moans, a dark needy sound that hums around Kara’s tongue.

She smirks against his parted lips and rolls her hips forward, pressing against the growing bulge in his jeans. He cries out then, voice no longer muffled by her lips, as she licks and bites up his jawline to tease his earlobe.

He’s pretty sure he’s panting, and he’s pretty sure he should be embarrassed about that, but somehow he just can’t bring himself to care. He feels like his skin is on fire, and his eyes fall shut against his will, as Kara grinds against him.

Nathan and Felix pull apart, distracted by the wild sounds the doctor is making. He’s so wanton, arching into every touch, every kiss. It’s irresistible.

Felix’s mouth goes a little dry, and he looks to Nathan. He doesn’t want to seem ungrateful, but…

Nathan chuckles, seeing the puppy dog look in the other man’s eyes. He comes up behind the couple, pressing his chest to Kara’s back and guiding her hands away.

“Didn’t anyone teach you how to share?”

She turns to face him, and Mohinder makes a strangled noise in his throat as she pulls back. He surges forward, hungry for contact.

“And didn’t anyone teach you it’s rude to interrupt?” she retaliates, standing and facing Nathan fully.

While they bicker, Felix slinks forward, daring to run his fingers down the smooth column of Mohinder’s neck. Mohinder turns into the contact, winding his arms up and over his head to pull Felix down into a kiss.

It’s as gentle as their last kisses were aggressive; soft, yielding lips moving easily against each other, parting slowly to give each other access. It is something to be savored, enjoyed. They kiss as if they wanted to do nothing else for the rest of their lives.

Nathan catches a glimpse of this over the fiery blonde’s shoulder. He winds his arms around her waist, drawing her close to whisper in her ear. “I just thought it might be nice to give someone else a turn.”

“Someone else, huh?” She raises an eyebrow.


Behind them, Felix tugs Mohinder towards the bed, falling backwards on the rumpled blanket. Felix shifts back, letting Mohinder move over him, straddle his legs. His arm wraps around the back of Mohinder’s neck, and he breathes soft, ragged groans as Mohinder tongues, bites in the soft flesh below his jaw.

Kara taps Nathan, on the collarbone. “Rule number one,” she says, “I’m in charge,” and Nathan realizes that she’s maneuvered him, so he’s back against the dresser.

Nathan tilts his head. “Oh, really.”

She shrugs. “It’s my room. And it was my idea.”


Mohinder looks back, rushed and daring. “If you two don’t stop arguing, we’ll just get started without you.” He tenses, a little, at the intense look Kara shoots him, and he deliberately turns his attention to Felix, rolling his hips, grinding through layers of fabric. Felix moans, catching Mohinder’s mouth in a delicious, hungry kiss.

When Felix breaks away, he pants for breath, and looks up to Nathan.

“Take his shirt off,” says Nathan, to Mohinder.

Mohinder holds Nathan’s gaze for a moment, and turns back, to Felix. He nuzzles, into Felix’s neck, and undoes the first button, pulling the shirt open far enough to lick in the hollow of Felix’s throat, chase with his tongue the vibrations of Felix’s moan.

Another button, then another, and he knows he’s putting on a show – he has Kara and Nathan’s undivided attention – and much of Felix’s, with the attention Mohinder lavishes over every centimeter of revealed skin.

And Mohinder realizes, as Felix squirms under his tongue, that Felix’s entire focus isn’t on Mohinder, that he’s performing too, for Nathan’s benefit – arching his neck just so, gasping into the empty air.

The last button, then, and Felix shifts up. “Nathan,” he breathes, and he lets Mohinder tug the shirt off, shrugs it free.

“You next,” says Nathan, and Kara steps in front of Nathan.

“I don’t think so,” she says. “I think you need to be taught a little lesson,” and she presses him back, shoving him down into the chair Mohinder occupied so recently. Already pulling her shirt over her head, she moves onto Nathan’s lap, holding him down. “You don’t give the orders around here.”

Nathan’s expression is flat, giving away nothing. “Really?” He lowers his voice to a deep, calculated rumble, bringing his hands up between them to cup her breasts through the white cloth of her bra, thumbs stroking firm, fast circles around her stiffening nipples. “So what do you want me to do?”

Kara throws her head back, leaning into his hands. She laughs, a wicked, low sound. “Oh, you are a dangerous man, Nathan.”

“So I’ve been told.” He doesn’t speed up his ministrations, nor does he stop. Just keeps the same teasing pace, varying the movements of his fingers just enough to keep her on edge. It’s maddening, and she knows he’s doing it on purpose, but godsdamn does it feel good.

Nathan leans in close, almost brushing his lips against her neck, and a part of her wants to make him touch. She can certainly understand why this man has Felix rolling over and begging for it.

“When do I get my lesson, Kara?” he breathes hot and velvet against her skin, and this has gone on for long enough. She tangles her hands in his hair, pulling him up into a fierce kiss.

And the battle of wills begins in earnest, both of them wrestling for control. The chair lurches ominously, legs thumping against the floor, and if they make it through this night with all the furniture intact, it’s going to be some kind of miracle.

Back on the bed, Mohinder is getting tired of showing off for people who aren’t even paying attention. He’s still straddling Felix’s hips, and he decides it’s time he started enjoying it for himself.

Fortunately, Felix seems to have the same idea, as his hand reaches up to idly flick open the buttons on Mohinder’s shirt. “Well, if they don’t want to play…”
Mohinder grins, running his hand possessively down Felix’s bare chest, stopping just short of his pants. He lets his fingers play there, just dipping barely below the waistband as he leans in to kiss him once again.

Felix sighs and pulls the doctor closer, relishing the feeling of skin on skin. He slides his hands up Mohinder’s chest, easing his shirt off his shoulders. He pulls the offending garment free and rolls the two of them over, twining his long legs with Mohinder’s own.

Mohinder stretches underneath him, gasping aloud when the movement brings their hips together, and if Felix is as aroused as he is, things have got to start moving a lot faster. Again, Felix beats him to it, one deft hand between them snapping open the fly of his jeans.

“I see… ah!” he cries, as that hand brushes against his erection, muted only by the thin cotton of his boxers. “God, I see we’re on the same page, you and I.”

Felix smiles into the crook of his neck, and rubs his hand more firmly, loving the way it makes Mohinder shudder.

“What can I say? Great minds think alike.”

In the chair, Kara glances, for a moment, to Felix and Mohinder, half-naked, tangled together, and looks away, just as fast. “Godsdamnit, they’re hot,” she breathes, and bites Nathan’s lower lip, pulling him into a kiss. “You know,” into Nathan’s ear, his hands slipping up to unclasp her bra, “I think there might be another two people in this room who deserve a lesson.”

Nathan’s breath catches, just a little, and she can feel him settle his gaze on them. “Yeah,” he agrees, lowly, and Kara slides off him, getting to her feet. She lets her bra drop to the floor, almost idly. Her pants follow, and she hears Nathan stand behind her, the whisper of cloth meaning he’s shedding his clothing too. She resists the urge to look, briefly, and instead turns her attention to the two now-naked forms on the bed.

Boys,” she says, and Felix twists half-away from Mohinder, obviously unaware that Kara and Nathan had abandoned their previous pursuits.

Kara stands, unabashedly naked, and considers them, for a moment.

Felix sits back, over Mohinder’s legs.

“Here,” murmurs Nathan, in Kara’s ear, and he presses a tube into her hand.

“What’s this?”

“Lubricant.” Nathan nods towards Felix. “I’m going to fuck him. Thought you might want to play first.”

Kara closes her fist around the lubricant, her mouth twisting wryly. “Oh, Fe-lix,” she chimes, and Felix shrinks, slipping off of Mohinder, moving further away on the bed.

“I like the tattoo,” says Nathan.

Felix glances down, and Kara is on him, immediately, her thigh spreading his apart. She traces the lines of the tiger tattoo with her thumb. “How’s it going, Felix?”

“Kara, you’re not—” Felix starts.

“You still sensitive in all the same places?” Kara trails her hand down his stomach, and Felix bites back a whimper, closing his eyes.

“You’ve done this before?” asks Mohinder.

“Once,” says Kara. “He lost a bet.”

“Kara,” says Felix, shakily.

Kara shoves him. “Lie back down,” she says. “You want him to see, don’t you know?”

Felix shoots a desperate look, heated and torn, at Nathan. Kara touches the lube to her fingers, and strokes, so lightly, on the skin between Felix’s legs.

Felix makes a soft, wounded noise, and hitches up, his spine tensing.

“Relax,” says Kara, and she grins, wicked and wild. She drags slick fingers slowly over the junction of his inner thighs, teasing behind his balls, carefully avoiding all of the places he’s twitching for her to touch. Her other hand slides up the back of his leg, slowly drawing his knee toward his chest, exposing him even further to Nathan’s gaze.

“Still the same old Felix,” Kara singsongs, running a playful hand up his shaft as she pulls away to apply more lube. Felix cries out, hips bucking uncontrollably to prolong the contact.

“Mohinder, you’d better hold him down,” Kara orders, and his hands are on Felix’s chest before he can think to ask why. He slides down, lying half across the man’s chest, one arm circled protectively around his head. He’s torn, though, between looking over his shoulder to see what Kara is about to do, and watching the lust mad expressions that chase each other across Felix’s face.

The smirk in Kara’s voice is audible. “If you thought that was a fun reaction…”

Felix is panting now. “Oh gods, I… Kara, what are you going to…” His sentence is choked off by a guttural scream that tears itself from his throat, as Kara sinks a finger into his body. Before he can adjust, another joins it, and another, spreading him open; each movement forcing animalistic noises out of him.

Mohinder has to lean his full weight on Felix to keep him still, and there’s no way he could look away from that face, especially when the man’s eyes meet his, dark brown turned black with lust.

“Kiss me,” Felix begs, “Mohinder, please…

So Mohinder does, swallowing the hot, desperate noises that he’s making, muffling those needy cries with his tongue.

“Goddamn,” Nathan contributes, voice rough as gravel as he takes in the sight. Kara is up on her knees, one hand still braced on Gaeta’s leg as she uses her entire body to drive her fingers harder and deeper.

He can’t resist the urge to assert his authority.

He slides up behind her, running firm hands down her backside before gripping her hips, keeping her from moving too far away as he kisses the back of her thigh. She doesn’t have time to react before he’s kissing somewhere far more intimate, tongue flicking teasing circles around her swollen clit.

“Oh! Not fair!” she yells, arching her hips back against his face. Nathan grabs her, holds her steady.

“What, Kara,” murmurs Nathan, “you want me to stop?”

Kara grits her teeth, and twists her fingers, roughly, inside Felix. Felix squirms, cries out, pulling ineffectually at Mohinder’s grasp. “Don’t you frakking dare,” Kara hisses, and Nathan laughs, lowly, nuzzling at her thigh. He licks, harder this time, tracing her clit with the edge of his thumb, his tongue barely dipping into the give of her body.

“Yess.” Kara bites her lip, spreading her thighs; Nathan massages, in slow, maddeningly slow circles. Kara’s breath comes harsh and fast, and her eyes close, riding the feel of Nathan’s fingers, pulling her ever so slightly more open, and Nathan’s tongue, chasing her warmth inside.

Felix can’t find it within himself to tear his eyes away. He can barely see what Nathan is doing, but Kara is enough – and her fingers, frakking him slower, steadier than before, and she must be mirroring Nathan’s movements, she has to be. The thought hits Felix, hopelessly erotic, and he shivers, praying that Kara will get just a little deeper, just a little –

“Stay still,” says Mohinder, softly, into Felix’s ear, then the weight holding Felix down is gone. Felix sees Mohinder grab for the lube, squeeze some on his fingers, and then reach down –

Felix realizes what’s about to happen an instant before it does, but it doesn’t prepare him, not at all. Mohinder’s finger – fingers? – slip in, alongside Kara’s three, and Felix doesn’t have breath to scream. He just sobs with the force of it, and without the strength to fight, just to spread his legs a little further, and he would beg for more, he would beg for it –

Felix can feel Mohinder’s fingers shift, searching, and Felix goes still, goes tense. If Mohinder touches him, the right way, Felix will come apart.

“Jesus Christ,” mutters Nathan, and he shoves fingers inside Kara, reveling in the arch of her hips, the low, satisfied hiss of pleasure. Kara grabs Mohinder’s wrist, with her free hand, and mimics Nathan’s movement, pressing them both as far inside Felix as they could go.

Mohinder’s fingers drag over just the exact right spot, and Felix does scream this time, his body convulsing under them, eyes rolling up in his head.

Nathan pulls his hand free from Kara, ignoring her dissatisfied growl, and shifts around her, to Felix. Kisses Felix, hard, and Felix breaks away, with an odd kind of gasp, before seizing Nathan’s mouth, greeting Nathan’s tongue.

“You taste like her,” Felix breathes, and Nathan closes his eyes against the rush of arousal, crushes their lips together again.

“God, I wanna fuck you,” Nathan growls, voice a heady vibration against’s Felix’s skin that makes him writhe on the fingers inside him.

Yes! Nathan… oh, please…”

He begs so prettily. Mohinder is a little jealous, wishing it was his name on Felix’s lips again. He crooks his fingers, deliberately rubbing against that place inside that breaks Felix into a million pieces.

When Felix gasps loudly, as he had intended, he smiles and withdraws, moving in to Nathan’s space to claim the man’s mouth. He swipes his tongue over a full lower lip, savoring the faint taste of Nathan and the stronger flavor of Kara that still clings to the sensitive skin.

“Now you taste like her,” he laughs softly, and Felix keens, a high, needy sound. He’s shaking, trapped on an agonizing precipice of pleasure, sensation so intense it’s painful, and he sighs aloud when Kara slides her fingers free.

“You know, doc,” Kara grins, “You could try the real thing.” She leans forward over Gaeta’s body, shoving Mohinder onto his back and into a deep, searching kiss.

No sooner has she moved away than Nathan is between Felix’s legs, ripping the wrapper open with his teeth and slipping a condom on one-handed, as he coaxes long legs up and over his shoulders. He presses the head of his cock against Felix’s slick entrance, feeling his lover shudder underneath him.

“Frak me, Nathan,” Felix sighs, “Please… frak me hard!”

Nathan doesn’t hesitate, pushing inside in a movement too fluid and steady to be called a thrust. Felix arches back, mouth open wide in a soundless cry, eyes fluttering closed as Nathan fills him up; deeper and more completely than he’s ever felt before.

Mohinder breaks the kiss, rightfully distracted by the erotic display right next to him. Kara lays her head on his chest to watch the show for a moment. Felix is practically sobbing into the pillows with every smooth roll of Nathan’s hips.

“Oh, yeah. Just like that,” she hisses, hand idly mimicking the couple’s rhythm in gentle strokes against Mohinder’s stomach. His breath hitches, and she turns her attention back to him, his eyes still wide and lust darkened as he watches Nathan and Felix.

Without preamble, Kara snakes her hand between their bodies, closing around Mohinder’s throbbing erection.

“Wanna know what else Felix likes?” she purrs.

“Should I be – afraid,” manages Mohinder, “to find out?”

“Nah,” says Kara, “you’ll like this.”

Mohinder hardly knows where to look, how to divide his attention – Felix wails, at one of Nathan’s thrusts, and he moves with Nathan mindlessly, all rational thought stripped away. And Kara –

Kara flicks Mohinder’s erection, dragging his attention back to her. He winces – god, he’s in so far above his head, right now. Between Kara, Nathan and Felix, Mohinder is out of his depth, bitten off far more than he can possibly chew.

Kara leers at him, and she slides her hand onto his erection, swallowing him into her mouth so that there’s an overlap, so that her mouth is over her own fingers.

Mohinder’s hand fists in the sheets, and he tries to breathe, tries to hold off the orgasm that threatens to rush up through his body. But then – Kara slips her fingers, in her own saliva, making it a strange, wet, hot, devastatingly erotic massage. She works his frenulum, too firm for Mohinder’s comfort, but she doesn’t let up, and Mohinder twists underneath her, in a surge of pleasure he’s helpless to control.

Mohinder hasn’t ever really felt like this before. He’s being utterly consumed by Kara – ravished, maybe, especially with her fingers creeping between his legs, to his cleft. Mohinder finds himself opening under her touch in little more than reflex, a half-conscious need for more, more, anything more.

Nathan,” Felix cries, high and trembling, and Nathan seats himself, deep inside Felix. Bends over Felix and whispers something, harsh, in Felix’s ear.

“Oh my gods,” Felix whimpers.

Kara’s hand clenches, tight, around the base of Mohinder’s erection; Mohinder winces, in pain, as Felix shakes apart in an orgasm the likes of which Mohinder has never witnessed.

Breathing hard, Nathan slips out of Felix, and Mohinder realizes that Nathan is still hard, that Felix is trembling, coming down from the high. All at once, Mohinder is assailed by want – he wants to fuck Felix, slick and open as he is, Felix gasping, pleading underneath him. He wants it so badly.

Kara releases Mohinder; Mohinder takes a shuddery breath, and closes his eyes, just trying to regain some control, some of the ground he’s lost to Kara Thrace and Nathan Petrelli.

“You looking to take care of that?” asks Kara, indicating Nathan’s erection.

“Wouldn’t say no.” Nathan’s voice, Mohinder notes, is breathy, not nearly at his usual level of cool control. But still, there’s a steel in Nathan’s eyes, and an answering fire in Kara’s, and gods above, he wouldn’t get between the two of them for anything. It would be like being devoured alive, by a shark and a lioness.

Then their eyes are all on him, and he doesn’t think he’s going to have much choice in the matter.

“Well, I’ve got him all ready for you.” Kara says levelly. Mohinder’s eyes widen at what she’s implying, even as his pulse speeds up, dick twitching in anticipation.

Nathan raises his eyebrow, clearly considering the possibilities. A long moment passes, and Mohinder holds his breath, waiting to see what he’ll decide.

“On your knees, Professor.” Nathan husks, and the air rushes out of Mohinder’s lungs. He shifts himself around, pressing his face to the sheets and feeling unaccountably nervous at turning his back to them. He feels vulnerable and exposed, and still achingly aroused.

Nathan’s hands smooth down the elegant line of Mohinder’s back, coming to rest on his hips, pulling him up into position; and Mohinder can’t even draw a breath before Nathan slams himself home, past the point of being slow and gentle.

Mohinder screams into the mattress as Nathan fucks him hard, driving the breath from his body and all rational thought from his mind. “Oh, god,” he pants, “oh, god, Nathan…”

Just as he’s on the edge, braced up on his forearms, just as he’s about to go over, lost in the harsh mindless rhythm Nathan is pounding into him, Kara stops them.

“Hey!” she snaps, face flushed with desire. “Save some for me, boys.”

Nathan stills, thighs trembling with the effort as Mohinder whines, feeling as if he’ll explode if he can’t move again soon.

“What did you have in mind, Kara?” Nathan’s voice is remarkably steady, given the circumstances.

She gestures toward the discarded condom wrapper. “Got any more of those?”

His jaw tightens and his hips twitch forward ever so slightly, making Mohinder fist his hands in the sheets, trying to stay still.

“Jacket, left inside pocket.”

Kara leaps off the bed, picking up Nathan’s jacket and rummaging through the pockets. Her lips quirk up in a mocking grin as she finds three in the inside pocket, and another two in the outer pockets. “Feeling optimistic, Nathan?” she teases.

“Well, I was a boy scout.”

“A what?”

Please!” Mohinder pleads. “Can we please hurry this up?”

“Easy, doc,” Kara soothes as she slides back to the bed. “All good things are worth waiting for.” Her hands don’t fumble at all as she opens the condom, stroking Mohinder lightly as she rolls it down his straining shaft.

Nathan withdraws, and he holds Mohinder steady as Kara slithers underneath him. She spreads her legs, knees to either side of the doctor’s hips, as she aligns his cock with her tight, wet heat.

“Come on, Mohinder,” she demands, “Give it to me.”

His breath shakes out in a groan as he enters her, and he’s grateful for Nathan’s support as Kara clenches around him and his limbs go weak.

“Yeah…” she sighs, digging her fingers into his thigh, pulling him in further, “Oh, gods, yesss…”

Mohinder drops his head against her shoulder, drawing back and thrusting forward slowly until she’s gasping, crying for more and harder and faster and…

“Let me.” Nathan growls, pulling off his condom and rolling a fresh one on. He pulls Mohinder back, and Mohinder moves away from Kara, trembling from the pleasure he has yet to attain.

“Come on, Nathan,” breathes Kara. “You up to it?”

Nathan tackles her to the bed, and she wrestles with him, fights him – in something nearly as intensely erotic as the sex.

Kara wrests Nathan back into the mattress, her thighs clamped around his waist, and bites at his earlobe. Nathan curses, but he bucks up anyhow, his erection moving deep inside her.

Frak,” Kara groans, and she sets a brutal pace, a single-minded race to the finish.

“Mohinder,” and Felix’s hands are turning Mohinder away from them, pulling him down, to the other side of the bed. “Mohinder, please—”

“No,” Mohinder murmurs, “it’s all right—”

“I want you to.” Felix kisses his jaw, his neck, his mouth – wanton, hungry, beautiful, and Mohinder can’t find it within himself to refuse.

Felix is loose – loose, and slick, and absolutely perfect. Mohinder knows he must be sore, he has to be, from the rough speed of Nathan’s fucking, but Felix doesn’t flinch away, doesn’t ask Mohinder to slow down, to be more gentle. His gasps are something deeper than pain, something shocked and complete, something astounding. Mohinder chases the noise, licking to the depths of Felix’s mouth, relishing the oh-so-intimate knowledge of the man in front of him.

Mohinder hears Kara and Nathan building to a fever pitch, and that’s what sends him over the edge – he climaxes, helplessly, inside Felix; Kara gives a shout and Mohinder twists around, sees Nathan’s face tighten, sees his hands lock on Kara’s hips.

Finally, Kara moves off of Nathan, clambers to the center of the bed and falls, boneless, against the pillows. Felix tucks his head, quietly, into the junction of Mohinder’s neck, and Mohinder strokes his hair, slick with sweat.

Mohinder is awkward, now, unsure what to say. This sort of thing doesn’t happen to him. He’s a scientist – a professor, for god’s sake. He doesn’t get picked up in bars; he doesn’t have unlikely, amazing – really amazing, actually – foursome sex with strangers. He doesn’t –

“That was great,” says Kara, and Mohinder can tell she’s grinning. “Anyone for a cigar?”

“It’s a non-smoking room,” points out Nathan, idly, waving a hand to the sign on the bedside table.

“Is that what that means?” Kara sits up, reaches over Nathan to grab the sign for herself. “I wondered what the frak that thing was.”

He takes the sign away from her, tossing it to the floor. “Fuck it, I could use a smoke.”

“Too bad,” Kara laments. “They’re all the way on the other side of the room.”

Mohinder snorts.

“Okay,” says Kara, “you go get it.”

“I’m not the one who wants a smoke,” protests Mohinder.

Felix groans. “Shut up, all of you.”

“Right,” says Kara. “How about we take a nap, and start this party up again in a few hours?”

Mohinder sighs. They really are going to kill him.

Kara glances around, at the lack of response, and shrugs. “Well,” she says, “there’s always tomorrow morning.”